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Revive is the first of its kind, revolutionary Marine-grade Ceramic Coating. It’s the result of our years of research and groundbreaking experiments with nanotechnology. Revive works at nano-level by filling in the porous gelcoat and forming a sacrificial barrier. It is specially designed to withstand marine conditions such as saltwater, biofouling, UV rays, chemicals, scratches and a lot more.

Known to be the one of the strongest material ever discovered, Graphene is regarded as one of the most durable compounds. Our latest and unique formulation contains the highest-grade of Silicon Dioxide on the market with Graphene reduced oxide infused into the matrix.

Prolong is a professional grade ceramic coating that provides the deepest gloss and highest level of environmental protection. It’s formulated in Australia and appreciated worldwide for it’s never seen before results. The revolutionary Silica Nanoparticles form a thick layer of coating which is tough to break and superhydrophobic too.

As the name suggests, Prolong Light is the lighter version of Prolong. It’s formulated using the same technology and chemical composition but with 85% efficacy. The Silica Nanoparticles and Silicon Carbide matrix enforces super hydrophobicity and effectively combats UV rays, swirl marks, dirt and other environmental contaminants.

The finest result of nanotechnology, Enhance is our exclusive Top-coat. This extremely versatile coating works wonders on all types of surfaces from paints, clear coat, alloy wheels, gelcoat to PPF, forming a super hydrophobic layer on top. It is formulated with a unique blend of very fine Silicon Dioxide that forms a protective layer on the surface against environmental pollutants and produces ultra-slick gloss.

Exclusively formulated for glass. Flawless transparent finish, improved visibility in the rain, UV protection and ease of cleaning, yes, you get it all. The result of advanced Nanotechnology, Glass is made of super active Silica nanoparticles that create a barrier on the glass surface making it superhydrophobic.

Restore is a meticulous chemical formulation designed explicitly to uphold the natural look of Leather, Vinyl and Plastic, protecting them against spills and bacterial growth. The most convenient and cost-effective way to keep the interiors forever new and pristine. Its dense molecular structure creates a barrier on the surface making it hydrophobic, resistant to UV rays and inhibiting bacterial growth.

Our Fabric coating is easy to apply and forms a hydrophobic barrier on top of the surface. It’s ideal for all kinds of textiles and fabrics and allows them to breathe naturally. This ingenious product of nanotechnology repels liquids and has antibacterial properties too.