Explore our best 9H Ceramic Coatings for Cars, Boats, RVs



Revive works at a nano-level by filling in the porous gelcoat and forming a sacrificial barrier. Specially designed to withstand marine conditions such as saltwater, biofouling, UV rays, chemicals, and scratches.


An extremely tough coating made up of high silica content and graphene reduced oxide to withstand high heat, UV, acidic bird droppings, bug sap and other harmful environmental contaminants.


Prolong is our professional grade ceramic coating that provides the deepest gloss and highest level of environmental protection.

Prolong Light

Lighter version of Prolong. It’s formulated using the same technology and chemical composition but with 85% efficacy. Suitable for everyday and commercial vehicles.


Designed with super active Silica nano particles specially for glass only. It creates a super hydrophobic surface so the water just rolls off the surface.


Restore is designed explicitly to protect leather, vinyl and plastic (including external trim). It maintains the original look of the surface whilst providing protection against spills and bacterial growth.


Fabric Coating is ideal for all kinds of textile and fabric materials. It is easy to apply and forms a hydrophobic barrier on top of the surface. The Fabric Coating is flexible and allows the fabric to breathe naturally. The coating repels liquids and also contains anti-bacterial technology.


Matte coating contains our revolutionary high grade combination of 5nm -20nm Silica nano-particles and a Silicon Carbide matrix. It will out perform all other coatings in scratch resistance, oxidation resistance and UV resistance.


Kovalent Coatings PowerShield is a professional grade, user-friendly, spray and wipe coating exclusively suitable for the daily lifestyle of car enthusiasts and hobbyists. It is a quick and easy ceramic spray, power-packed with Silica nano-particles, and formulated by the manufacturers of the world-class ceramic coatings.

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