Kovalent Power Shield | DIY Professional Grade Ceramic Spray

PowerShield: The Professional Grade Ceramic Spray

Kovalent Coatings PowerShield, a groundbreaking ceramic spray engineered with cutting-edge nano ceramic technology. PowerShield, derived from the acclaimed Prolong formula, harnesses refined Silica nanotechnology and Silicon Carbide to create an unparalleled molecular structure. This structure forms a temporary sacrificial layer, enhancing resistance against UV rays and grime while intensifying gloss and fostering hyper-slickness for a showroom-worthy shine. With PowerShield, enjoy a quick detailing experience between washes as it creates a glossy protective layer that repels water and grime while combating UV damage. Elevate your car care routine with PowerShield, a revolutionary step for every car enthusiast seeking enduring protection and unparalleled gloss.

    Why PowerShield Reigns Supreme?

    Australian Made

    Crafted with unwavering precision in our state-of-the-art facility nestled in Penrith, PowerShield epitomizes the pinnacle of Australian craftsmanship. Every batch undergoes rigorous quality assessments, guaranteeing its distinction as a symbol of Australian innovation and excellence.

    DIY Experience

    Kovalent Coatings unveils its groundbreaking ceramic spray, PowerShield, setting a new standard in convenience and performance. Derived from the renowned Prolong formula, this spray delivers extraordinary protection and gloss with each use.


    Our professional-grade ceramic spray redefines simplicity, eliminating the need for labor-intensive application common with professional ceramic coatings. Designed for every car enthusiast, this spray ensures effortless application, offering unmatched protection and gloss.


    Exuding unparalleled versatility, PowerShield transcends boundaries, safeguarding not only automotive painted surfaces and clear coats but also alloy wheels, gelcoat, and even RVs. Its extraordinary formula guarantees enduring hydrophobicity, gloss, and protection.

    High Gloss

    Hydrophobic Effect

    Ease of Application

    UV resistant

    Hyper Slickness

    Repels Dirt & Grime


    The Science Behind The Coating

    The Gloss Retention

    The formulation of PowerShield has been done for you to procure a quick detailing experience. The professional grade ceramic spray with the help of Silica nanoparticles adds hyper-slickness and in-depth
    gloss to the vehicle surface.

    The Hydrophobics

    PowerShield also produces an astonishing hydrophobic energy all thanks to SiO2 nano-particles that encapsulates water-based grime via beading effect and facilitates quick cleaning.

    The Ease of Maintenance

    An added advantage of PowerShield is its seamless cleaning efficiency due to repellency from dirt and grime. This makes car maintenance a breeze for enthusiasts and also eliminates the hassle of wax or


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