Introducing a groundbreaking professional grade ceramic spray, power packed with nano ceramic technology, and formulated by the manufacturers of the world-class ceramic coatings. Kovalent Coatings PowerShield is a professional grade, user-friendly, spray and wipe coating. Derived from Prolong’s winning formula, PowerShield is based on refined Silica nanotechnology and Silicon Carbide.

Its molecular structure forms a temporary sacrificial layer on the surface with increased resistance to ultraviolet rays and grime. Additionally, the ceramic spray intensifies gloss and fosters hyper-slickness that instantly gives your vehicle a showroom look.

Use this product regularly in between washes for a quick detailing experience, the spray will form a glossy layer of protection that repels water and grime while resisting UV rays. PowerShield is a revolutionary step for every car enthusiast that wishes to enjoy durable protection and gloss while keeping the matters in their own hands.

High Gloss


Ease of

Hyper Slickness

UV Resistant

Repels Dirt & Grime

The Gloss Retention

The formulation of PowerShield has been done for you to procure a quick detailing experience. The professional grade ceramic spray with the help of Silica nanoparticles adds hyper-slickness and in-depth gloss to the vehicle surface.

The Hydrophobics

PowerShield also produces an astonishing hydrophobic energy all thanks to SiO2 nano-particles that encapsulates water-based grime via beading effect and facilitates quick cleaning.

The Ease of Maintenance

An added advantage of PowerShield is its seamless cleaning efficiency due to repellency from dirt and grime. This makes car maintenance a breeze for enthusiasts and also eliminates the hassle of wax or sealant.