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What is The Kovalent Club?

Your Exclusive Club for Professional Detailers

Elevate Your Detailing Game With The Kovalent Club

As a member, you gain access to a range of exceptional benefits tailored specifically for
professional detailers like you.

Exclusive Access to Premium Coatings

Unlock the door to our premium collection of professional-grade ceramic coatings. Reserved exclusively for our approved professional detailers, these coatings have undergone rigorous testing to ensure an extraordinary level of gloss, hydrophobicity, and durability. Experience the power of coatings that exceed expectations.

360-degree Support & Training

In the Kovalent Club, you're never alone in your journey. Benefit from dedicated support provided by your personal representative, who will be there to address all your queries and guide you through the process of purchasing our coatings. Rest assured, we've got your back, especially when challenges arise.

Marketing Opportunities

Expand your business's reach through our exclusive platform. As a member of The Kovalent Club, we actively promote posts from our valued members. Tag us on social media to showcase your exceptional work, and we'll help you amplify your brand's presence.

Creating Win-Win Collaborations

Tap into the vast knowledge and expertise of our approved applicators across the globe. We foster a collaborative environment where club members are encouraged to provide active feedback to our management team. Your insights help us continuously enhance our ceramic coating formulations, ensuring we deliver nothing but the best.

What it takes to join The Kovalent Club ?

  • A Registered Business
  • One Year Experience of
    Using Ceramic Coatings
  • An Online Presence
    Website & Social Media

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