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The Kovalent Difference

We take a lot of pride at what we do. We not only bring professionalism to our work standard but bring in the same to our relationships. We don’t sell just the product we offer you a partnership, giving us a chance to work with you in a close-knit style so we can understand your requirements better and make sure you dont have to compromise on your standards.

We bring this opportunity for businesses to join our elite club of kovalent users who promote professional standards and are kovalent certified for maintaining top notch quality and using original products with benchmark standards.

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Kovalent Coatings’ journey has been one involving great dedication for quality.

Revive is the first of its kind, revolutionary Marine-grade Ceramic Coating. It’s the result of our years of research and groundbreaking experiments with nanotechnology. Revive works at nano-level by filling in the porous gelcoat and forming a sacrificial barrier. It is specially designed to withstand marine conditions such as saltwater, biofouling, UV rays, chemicals, scratches and a lot more.
  • Gelcoat
  • Paint
  • Top Coat
Known to be the one of the strongest material ever discovered, Graphene is regarded as one of the most durable compounds. Our latest and unique formulation contains the highest-grade of Silicon Dioxide on the market with Graphene reduced oxide infused into the matrix.
  • Paint
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Clear Coat
  • Gel Coat
  • PP
Prolong is a professional grade ceramic coating that provides the deepest gloss and highest level of environmental protection. It’s formulated in Australia and appreciated worldwide for it’s never seen before results. The revolutionary Silica Nanoparticles form a thick layer of coating which is tough to break and superhydrophobic too.
  • Paint
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Clear Coat

Exclusive access
to detailer-only

By becoming a part of our team, you will get exclusive access to Kovalent’s premium set of ceramic coatings, which have been exclusively formulated keeping in mind the needs of professional detailers.

360° Support
and Training

Our approved detailer network enjoys an all-encompassing 360° support, and so will you! Apart from comprehensive support and application tips, you will also receive complete training of all our products.

Honest transactions
and complete

In keeping with our vision of achieving real results, ceramic coatings at Kovalent are rigorously tested in real-world conditions and undergo numerous iterations before being deemed as fit for application by our esteemed detailer network.

Straight from our
factory to your

You will be dealing directly with manufacturers of the ceramic coatings, since there is no room for middlemen or dealers in our distribution model.


By joining our team, you would be able to benefit from our complete in-house operations, right from R&D to formulation to marketing. Since we develop everything in-house, you can always trust us to keep improvising.

Cross Marketing

By joining the Kovalent Club your business will be provided with opportunities to appear on our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube feeds and we can look to collaborate with you for future marketing campaigns. Our team will be available at your disposal to provide guidance if needed.

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