Restore Ceramic Coating | Revive, Protect, and Enhance Surfaces

Restore: Breathing New Life into Vehicle Interior

Restore is masterfully engineered to fortify leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces (even exterior trim) with unmatched finesse. It not only maintains the appearance of interior surfaces but also fortifies them against spills and repels bacterial growth with efficacy. This solvent-based ceramic coating is meticulously customized for Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic, featuring an odourless formula that bestows a luxuriously natural matte sheen. Its hydrophobic properties provide impregnable protection against spills and stains, further enhanced by UV-resistant additives that defy fading and ensure an everlasting matte finish. Once cured, the ceramic coating showcases unparalleled abrasion resistance, rendering it impervious to the most demanding daily wear and tear, delivering enduring protection that surpasses all expectations.

    Why Restore Reigns Supreme?

    Australian Made

    Crafted with unrivalled precision in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility nestled in Penrith, Restore boasts an exquisitely potent composition that undergoes rigorous quality assessments at every stage. Recognized as an epitome of Australian craftsmanship, it embodies the essence of excellence right at its core.


    A marvel of versatility, Restore’s formula transcends conventional boundaries, safeguarding a myriad of surfaces from luxurious leather and pristine vinyl to resilient plastics, opulent lounges, and even marine leather and vinyl. With its all-encompassing protective prowess, Restore leaves nothing unguarded.

    Easy Application

    Forged with meticulous precision and tailored for professional detailers, Restore’s formula guarantees effortless application with unprecedented ease. Its lightning-fast application process not only saves invaluable time and energy but also yields extraordinary results upon completion.


    Restore’s formulation comprise of the most elite Silica nanoparticles, delivering unparalleled resistance against UV rays, bacterial proliferation, and oxidation, all while achieving astonishing levels of hydrophobicity. This formidable blend forms an unbreakable bond with the surface, leaving behind a flawless matte finish.

    Super Hydrophobic

    Matte finish

    UV resistant

    Stain Resistant

    Abrasion Resistant



    The Science Behind The Coating



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