We Manufacture. YOU TAKE THE CREDIT!

Introducing a revolutionary step in the field of nanotechnology. Our aim to foster disruptive innovation for ceramic coating technology and passion for protecting all surface types have led us to this transcending moment where we are ready to manufacture CUSTOMIZED CERAMIC COATINGS for you! And the best part? We are letting you take ALL THE CREDIT.

Leverage our decade worth of research and extensive environmental testing by getting a ceramic coating that is not only durable but also customized as per your requirements. This initiative is especially for those entrepreneurs and business owners who dream of starting their own line of ceramic coating under their own brand name. By partnering with Kovalent Coatings you can build a brand UNDER YOUR LABEL.

Start your entrepreneurial journey directly with the manufacturers of ceramic coatings and earn a name for your own brand in the ceramic coating industry. Not sure how to get started? Book a call with us by clicking on the button below.


Starting your own brand has never been so easy! Choosing Kovalent Coatings as your manufacturer gives you access to insights into the ceramic industry. We can explain the cause and effect along with providing a genuine idea of what you are getting from the product instead of just an eye-pleasing gimmick. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry and guarantee to provide the best value for money based on your customized requirements. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of getting a customized ceramic coating for your brand:


Book a call and tell us
your vision.


Share your requirements
with us.


We customize and formulate a
sample product.


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We promise not to spill the beans! We acknowledge your confidentiality as a key element in our partnership. We already have more than 100 ceramic coating brands working with us across the world, and we ensure to never breach our code of silence. Choosing Kovalent Coatings is opting for lifetime anonymity whilst enjoying the perks of getting customized ceramic coating for your customers. All our winning formulas are a result of extensive testing in oceans and high-quality raw material sourced from different parts of the world.

Your Ceramic Coating Brand Starts Here

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If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you! Kovalent Coatings was not established out of thin air; we have done all the groundwork to establish our brand as one of the elites in the current market. Our hands-on experience and guidance can help you stand out among your competitors. Therefore, to make things a tad easy for you we are more than happy to customize your packaging along with the ceramic coating! You can send us your label design, and we can print it on your tailor-made ceramic coatings. If you are a budding brand that requires setting up a few things we can provide additional branding support to grow your brand. In nutshell, you do your best in establishing the business while we take care of the formulation and branding of the products.


Are you a business owner looking for a product that conforms to your customers’ requirements? Or an entrepreneur looking to start their own line of ceramic coatings? Well, whoever you are, our team is ready to formulate and customize ceramic coatings with high-quality ingredients that suit your clientele. Consistency-Dexterity-Satisfaction are the three pillars of quality assurance at Kovalent Coatings. We have established strong key performance indicators to keep a check on the consistency and quality of the products being delivered. So, if you own a detailing shop, or a retail shop or want to become an entrepreneur, BOOK A CALL with us to get started on your dream.

Detail Shop Owners

Imagine detailing a car with a ceramic coating under your label! Sounds Exciting? This is your chance to distinguish yourself from others by offering your clients a premium ceramic coating that comes with your label.

Retail Shop Owners

Tired of supplying products from distinct brands? Here is your chance to put yourself into the limelight by offering the most advanced paint protection in the market but under your label! Those products will be off the shelves on their own.


If you ever dreamt of starting a brand under your own label, this is a sign to do it now! We will manufacture the product of your dreams, print your label for it, and deliver it to your doorstep. Starting your own line of ceramic coating has never been this easy!