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Automotive Ceramic Coating Breakthrough

Discover the most advanced nanotechnology of paint protection for vehicles. Prolong, the remarkable and professional ceramic coating has been formulated with the highest-grade Silica Nanoparticles and Silicon Carbide matrix that provides the deepest gloss and highest level of environmental protection. To extract optimum performance, the secret to Prolong are the revolutionary 5nm – 20nm Silica Nanoparticles that form a thick layer of coating which cannot be easily broken down like other standard ceramic coatings. The 20nm particles form a transparent, hard crystal layer that combats damaging contaminants such as UV rays, bird droppings and chemicals. Meanwhile, 5nm particles form a thin layer on top for superior hydrophobicity and in-depth gloss.

Traditionally, the industry has used Titanium Dioxide, fluoro-based and other polymer resins to improve scratch resistance, but these resins underperform. Therefore, Prolong contains Silicon Carbide to attain scratch resistance higher than 9H. Prolong has been formulated in Australia and extensively tested in the Pacific Ocean to withstand heat, oxidation and chemical resistance. It is the most advanced, durable and complete ceramic paint protection on the market.

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High Gloss

Super Hydrophobic

Up to 60 Months Protection

UV resistant

Oxidation Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Surface Slickness

9H Hardness

The Science Behind The Coating