About us

Kovalent Coatings’ journey has been one involving great dedication for quality. Having started as a hobby, today we lead the innovation in Ceramic Coating Nanotechnology. Our R&D team has developed breakthrough formulas that have set a standard for the Ceramic Coating Industry. We pride ourselves in creating, innovating and designing industry leading products. Our mission is to create a community where our customers enjoy using our products. We are lucky to have employees that provide excellent customer-care and support to our customers 24/7. Our products are launched after numerous iterations and countless tests over the years in real life conditions. Formulated in Australia and tested all over the world, our Coatings have been designed to provide the optimal performance outcome in the toughest conditions anywhere in the world. Backed by expert molecular formulae, we use only the highest grades of raw material and best practices to make the surface impervious to environmental contaminants. Choose from our wide range of product offerings, each formulated to protect a specific surface.

3 Questions to Our Founder

What we stand for today goes back to the time when I had an idea. An idea to build, to design and innovate. But the important question I asked myself was how will I create value for people who connect and travel on this journey to become one of the leading brands today. While enterprise growth is measured on most quantitative factors, to ascertain a true position of what you have achieved we refer to value addition in qualitative and quantitative terms.
What are we able to do for our stakeholders in terms of profitability is just one part of the equation, the other heavily relies on what we are able to bring to the table for people who work for us and around us?
So, today we lay our competence on honesty, transparency, customer service and employee care.

If I were to put it down even more simply, we don’t build client base or leads, we build relationships on strong ground of ethics and values. Nurturing relationships brings growth in business and personal life.

  1. Leading ceramic coating brand.
  2. I want to create a brand that is profitable and give our partners an opportunity to share that profit.
  3. I want people to feel proud using our products.
  4. I want our applicator’s clients feel safe using our products.

With Consistent and sustainable growth we look forward to building our brand in an exponential way so as to not just meet the benchmark but to cross it and make new ones. We envision Kovalent becoming a name of trust and value apart from its business presence. We want our customers to use our products and feel assured that they have to lay no thought over genuinity or quality while for applicators l see them feeling safe using our products and recommending it on the first go. We want to grow by seeing people partnered with us grow, individual growth can never be long lasting and this is what we have and always work on in future.

While economic success is important, scientific curiosity and responsible entrepreneurship have made Kovalent strong for decades; and they are the foundation for a sustainable future. We want to create a shared value for our customers, partners, our owners, and society as a whole —both for our businesses and for beyond.