Kovalent Matte Paint Coating | Preserve & Protect Your Matte Finish

Matte Coating: Achieving The Perfect Matte Elegance

Our extraordinary matte coating harbors a groundbreaking fusion of celestial Silica nanoparticles, ranging from a mere 5nm to a monumental 20nm, embedded within an invincible Silicon Carbide matrix. It transcends all expectations, boasting unparalleled scratch resistance, oxidation defiance, and UV ray repulsion. The Matte Paint ceramic coating, born from the legendary Prolong formula but devoid of gloss enhancers, preserves the essence of matte aesthetics while erecting an impenetrable fortress against the relentless onslaught of nature’s wrath.

    Why Matte Reigns Supreme?

    Australian Made

    Matte, a shining example of Australian ingenuity, proudly represents excellence in matte paint technology. Its formula has been meticulously tested in the harsh conditions of Australia, guaranteeing authenticity and superior quality at its core.


    Matte utilizes the most extraordinary ingredients available – the purest Silica nanoparticles combined with strength of Silicon Carbide. This potent blend creates a ceramic coating of unparalleled durability, leaving behind an exceptional matte finish.


    Crafted with precision for professional detailers, Matte’s formulation ensures seamless application with minimal effort. Its swift application process not only saves time and energy but also delivers superior results once cured.

    Built to Last

    Crafted with precision and fortified with premium ingredients, Matte represents the epitome of longevity and innovation in nanoceramic industry, ensuring unparalleled preservation for your vehicle for up to 60 months.

    Matte Finish

    Super Hydrophobic

    Up to 60 Months Protection

    UV resistant

    Oxidation Resistant

    Chemical Resistant

    Surface Slickness

    9H Hardness


    The Science Behind The Coating


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