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Kovalent Coatings’ journey has been one involving great dedication for quality.

Ceramic coating aka glass coating / nano coating / 9H coating is engineered to act as a protective/sacrificial layer for the surface beneath. Popularly used by motor enthusiasts, ceramic coating is the most advanced surface protection available in the market that works at a molecular level.

Silicon dioxide (Silica for short or SiO2) is the key ingredient in ceramic coatings. It’s natural resistance to gloss, UV, chemicals and other anti-weathering properties make it the perfect raw material for ceramic coating. When applied the coating forms a strong bond with the surface, leaving a glossy surface and no space for contaminants to deteriorate the surface of the vehicle.

With advanced R&D, in-house manufacturing, extensive testing and feedback from industry leading professional detailers, there is finally a ceramic coating for elite detailers like you. Below are some of the popular choices from our range.

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Elixir for watercrafts


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Super active Silica nanoparticles for glass protection

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