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Kovalent Coatings’ journey has been one involving great dedication for quality.

Science has shown evolution through revolution. It's exactly what Kovalent stands for in the ceramic coating industry. While yester years were all about branding and not the product mostly, Kovalent has taken it to the basics and created value where it needs to be - at product level. With advanced R&D and extensive testing, Kovalent has stormed the market by providing exceptional quality at affordable prices. Shortening the supply chain and delivering direct to clients has been a key selling point for the company.

Whereas a lot has been spent on marketing a product, Founder & CEO Deepankar Goyal has always made sure that the company is more focused and invested in perfecting the product so it talks for itself. "I believe in what I do and what I am trying to do is not just sell a product but make them live an experience, I want clients to back my product with their feedback and then I can say we have a strong foundation to build on".

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