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Glass: Innovation with Transparency

Crafted with ultra-active Silica nanoparticles exclusively for glass surfaces, our revolutionary Glass coating transcends conventional boundaries. Its supercharged hydrophobic properties repel water effortlessly, ensuring unparalleled clarity and visibility even in the harshest conditions. Engineered to forge an unbreakable bond with glass, this coating defies the elements with unmatched durability and abrasion resistance. Rain simply dances off the windshield, leaving no trace of obstruction, while the coating withstands the relentless onslaught of windshield wipers without compromising performance. Embrace the future of glass protection and experience unmatched clarity with our cutting-edge Glass ceramic coating technology.

    Why Glass Reigns Supreme?

    Australian Made

    Forged and rigorously tested amidst the relentless Australian elements, our Glass coating stands as the pinnacle of innovation, born from years of relentless research and development, coupled with the finest-grade components, have culminated in a solution that surpasses all expectations.

    Ultra Hydrophobic

    Glass’s unparalleled formula boasts an extreme hydrophobic nature, rendering raindrops and snow virtually obsolete. Its extraordinary properties ensure that even the most relentless wiper action on the windscreen leaves its performance unaffected, guaranteeing crystal-clear visibility in all conditions.

    Easy Application

    Crafted with the utmost precision, Glass’s groundbreaking formulation guarantees a seamless application process. Its lightning-fast application not only saves precious time and energy but also unlocks unparalleled results that defy conventional expectations once fully cured.


    A titan of versatility, Glass’s formula shatters the confines of conventional coatings, fortifying an extensive array of surfaces ranging from automotive and marine glass to luxurious shower screens, towering commercial glass edifices, and even Solar Panels. With its all-inclusive shield of protection, Glass leaves no surface unattended.

    Chemical Resistant

    Super Hydrophobic

    Improved Visibility in wet conditions

    UV resistant

    Ease of Application

    Abrasion Resistant

    Transparent Finish


    The Science Behind The Coating



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