Graphene - Most Advanced Automotive Ceramic Coating


Automotive ceramic coating breakthrough

Our graphene coating is a flagship ceramic coating designed purely for the automotive industry. Graphene is one of the strongest and most durable materials ever discovered. The formulation contains the highest-grade and concentration of Silicon Dioxide combined with Graphene reduced oxide and Silicon Carbide infused into the matrix. An extremely tough coating that is recognized for withstanding high heat, resisting UV damage, acidic bird droppings, bug sap and other harmful environmental contaminants. Its winning formula comes with a 7-year warranty and is the most advanced nanoceramic technology for vehicle protection in the industry.


    Why Graphene is the best solution?

    Australian Made:

    Graphene is made and tested in the harsh conditions of Australia. Formulated with many years of in-house R&D, premium-grade ingredients and countless feedback from automotive detailers and luxury car owners around the world.

    Unmatched Purity:

    Graphene’ssecret formulation incorporates 80-85% of finest Silica nanoparticles withGraphene reduced oxide and Silicon Carbide. This blend delivers remarkable gloss, a slick surface, defense against UV rays, and an exceptional hydrophobic effect, ensuring unmatched resistance against environmental pollutants. The coating establishes a robust bond with the surface, guaranteeing its unrivaled resilience.

    Combating Environmental Pollutants:

    Vehicles face a barrage of challenges, from dust and acidic rain to bugs, UV rays, bird droppings, and harsh chemicals, all of which take a toll on their surfaces over time. Graphene is meticulously crafted to combat these pollutants, creating a robust shield on the surface. This shield not only enhances surface cleanliness but also minimizes the time and effort required for maintenance throughout the seasons.

    Effortless Application:

    Graphene, the top choice among professional detailers globally, offers a seamless application process. Its exceptional performance has made it an essential component of their detailing routine.

    High Gloss

    Super Hydrophobic

    Up to 84 Months Protection

    UV resistant

    Oxidation Resistant

    Chemical Resistant

    Surface Slickness

    Flexible and Durable


    The Science Behind The Coating



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