Graphene - Most Advanced Automotive Ceramic Coating

Graphene Coating: Automotive Industry Breakthrough

Our graphene coating stands as a flagship ceramic solution meticulously crafted for the automotive industry. Harnessing the unparalleled strength and durability of Graphene, our formulation comprises the highest-grade Silicon Dioxide alongside Graphene reduced oxide and Silicon Carbide expertly infused into the matrix. This results in an exceptionally tough coating renowned for its ability to withstand high temperatures, resist UV damage, and repel acidic bird droppings, bug sap, and other harmful environmental contaminants. Backed by a 7-year warranty, our coating represents the pinnacle of nanoceramic technology in the automotive protection sector, offering peace of mind and long-lasting defence against the elements.

    Why Graphene Reigns Supreme?

    Australian Made

    Crafted and tested in the unforgiving Australian climate, our graphene coating is the result of years of in-house research and development, incorporating premium-grade ingredients and feedback from automotive professionals worldwide.


    Graphene shields vehicles from environmental challenges like dust, rain, and harsh chemicals, enhancing surface cleanliness and reducing maintenance. Crafted with precision, it forms a robust barrier against pollutants, ensuring year-round protection.

    Easy Application

    Crafted with precision for professional detailers, Graphene’s formulation ensures seamless application with minimal effort. Its swift application process saves time and energy while delivering superior results once cured.

    Built to Last

    Graphene boasts a remarkable 7-year warranty, fortified with premium ingredients for unbeatable, long-lasting protection. As the epitome of nanoceramic technology, our Graphene coating ensures unparalleled vehicle protection.

    High Gloss

    Super Hydrophobic

    Up to 84 Months Protection

    UV resistant

    Oxidation Resistant

    Chemical Resistant

    Surface Slickness

    Flexible and Durable


    The Science Behind The Coating



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