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Elixir For Watercrafts

Transcending expertise in nanotechnology and years of testing in sea water has led to the first of its kind, revolutionary MARINE grade ceramic coating. Revive is specially designed to coat above the waterline and works at a Nano level by filling in the porous gelcoat to provide protection against environmental contaminants. It makes wax obsolete and reduces the cost, time and effort spent on maintenance.

The secret to REVIVE are the 20nm – 50nm silica nanoparticles that form an extremely hard crystal layer specifically designed to reinforce the hardness of gel coat and prevent damage from saltwater, biofouling, UV rays, chemicals and scratches. Moreover, it enforces gloss and superior hydrophobicity, leaving an ultra-slick and easy to clean surface. Unlike, traditional all-in-one marine ceramic coatings, Revive is a high-density coating purely made of Silicon Dioxide. Its VOC free formula ensures no harm is caused to marine life whilst protecting your vessel for years to come.

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High Gloss

Hydrophobic Effect Repels Salt Water, Dirt, Stains

Up to 36 Months Protection

UV resistant

Oxidation Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Marine Grade Coating

Flexible And Durable

The Science Behind The Coating