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Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Coating


Nowadays, when you begin your search of finding the perfect car paint protection product, you will come across a new product every other week. Out of all the products that you find on the market, typically professional-grade ceramic coating products, paint protection films, and traditional waxes rule the roost. Also, the oversaturated marketspace leaves the buyers quite confused with more questions than answers.

So, to make things easy for you we are going to discuss all the important information about ceramic coating and the reasons that make it stand out from the other alternatives.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Before we dive into how a ceramic coating works, let’s talk about what it really is. Nano ceramic coatings are mainly a silica-infused liquid polymer solution. A high grade ceramic coating keeps the surfaces clean and shiny. The backbone of a nano ceramic coating stays the same even though its actual quality and performance depend on the percentage of ingredients, content quality levels, and application instructions.

Best Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

There are a plethora of benefits that a high grade ceramic coating provides. Below are a few of the best benefits that you should know.

  • Several years of protection
  • Deep and glossy shine
  • Repels contaminants
  • Makes car washing easy
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Resistant to scratches

How Does a Ceramic Coating Work?

When compared with all the other forms of protection, ceramic coatings are one of the most innovative and popular. The main component, silicon dioxide (SiO2), is a hard, glass-like polymer that cures atop a clean and hard surface and creates a glass-like layer over it. This layer provides protection to the clear coat from contaminants and scratches by forming an invisible layer of semi-permanent protection. The beautiful and deep gloss is due to the thickness of the coating. Due to its hardness, you get long lasting protection. Unlike waxes and other sealants, a ceramic coating also resists detergents and chemicals.

Does a Ceramic Coating Provide Permanent Protection?

Ceramic coatings are semi-permanent which means they will provide a durable layer of protection that shields a hard surface for several years. In most cases, a top-quality ceramic coating will easily last for around 2-5 years. For best results, it is essential to routinely clean and maintain the coating. However, this is not the case with car wax which only provides protection for a few weeks. When a ceramic coating reaches its maximum life expectancy, you can get a new coating. One major indication you need a new ceramic coating is when the water repelling hydrophobic properties begin to fade and the glossy shine no longer has a rich luster. You should only contact a reliable and trustworthy service provider like Kovalent Coatings for the reapplication.

How Much Time Does it Take for Ceramic Coating to Cure?

A high quality nano ceramic coating is quite easy to apply and requires some time to fully cure. Any professional ceramic coating provider will advise you to allow the coating to cure in a dry environment for around 48–hours before moving the vehicle outdoors. The take of ceramic coating curing greatly depends upon the ambient air temperature and also on things like humidity which slows down the process to a crawl.

Final Thoughts

With so many ceramic coating products and service providers on the market, choosing the best can seem like a daunting proposition. Making the right decision will enable you to enjoy the great benefits of a ceramic coating by making sure your vehicle is always safe while on the road. Taking a look at the reviews and feedback that a service provider has received from its customers is one of the ways to figure out whether it is worth considering. This will make the whole process quite easy. Once you choose the right service provider you will be able to make the most of your investment in ceramic coating.

This is where we at Kovalent Coatings come into the discussion. We are proud to provide top-grade ceramic coating products to all our valued customers at a price that will not put a burden on their pockets. Due to our exemplary products and services, we have become the preferred choice among all our customers. Our experts have years of experience in delivering excellent customer care and are always available 24/7 at your service. There are various iterations and numerous tests over the years that we have conducted in real life conditions before launching our products. Our coatings are designed to provide top-level performance in the toughest and harsh conditions around the world. With us, you don’t have to search for any other ceramic coating service provider. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our industry leading ceramic coating products. We look forward to serving you with our best in class services.

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