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Benefits of Ceramic Coating: Everything you need to know


Hi there, car fanatic! We are writing this blog to address your ongoing confusion about choosing the best paint protection for your vehicle. Yes! We heard you and as ceramic coating manufacturers; we feel obligated to make things a tad easy by helping you understand why ceramic coatings have an edge over other products. But before we dive into the marvels of ceramic coatings, let’s take out wax completely out of the picture. Carnauba Wax is derived from Brazilian Palm Trees which secrete this substance on the palm leaves, hardens, and forms a hard, protective layer. However, the longevity of wax is highly questionable, and it only promises an appealing gloss but no protection on the surface. You can find a detailed analysis of the two at Getting Rid of the Narrative – Wax Vs Ceramic Coating. So, obviously choosing ceramic coating is a better deal, but is it worth all the hype? Does a ceramic coating stand true to its claims? We will let you decide.

Ceramic coating aka glass coating/nano coating / 9H coating is engineered to act as a protective/sacrificial layer for the surface beneath. Popularly used by motor enthusiasts, ceramic coating is the most advanced surface protection available in the market that works at a molecular level. Silicon dioxide (Silica for short or SiO2) is the key ingredient in ceramic coatings. Its natural resistance to gloss, UV, chemicals, and other anti-weathering properties makes it the perfect raw material for ceramic coating. When applied the coating forms a strong bond with the surface, leaving a glossy surface and no space for contaminants to deteriorate the surface of the vehicle. Having said that, let us find out what makes it the most advanced paint protection on the market.

Customized Ceramic Coating for Every Surface Type:

Professional ceramic coatings are formulated to provide paint protection to all types of surfaces. A ceramic coating fills in the porous exteriors of the vehicle at a microscopic level and forms a glossy sacrificial layer on it. Kovalent Coatings are a step ahead as they use size-specific Silica nanoparticles depending on the porous nature of the surface. The size of Silica nanoparticles ingrained in the automotive ceramic coating is different from marine ceramic coating because each of these surfaces has a unique formulation. Do not fall for an eye-pleasing gimmick that markets a spray-on as comprehensive paint protection because scientifically it is not feasible. Every surface has its own dynamics and only professional ceramic coatings engineered for a particular surface can ensure its protection. A spray-on will take you on a DIY route which is not very desirable due to its short life span.

The Self-Cleaning Effect

One of the reasons why ceramic coatings are popular among car enthusiasts is due to their efficiency to repel water. Yes! Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic and form a water-repellant layer on the vehicle’s surface after application. The hydrophobicity allows water to smoothly slide off the surface inducing a beading effect. All water-based dirt and grime tend to bead on the surface and eventually slide off giving rise to the renowned Self-Cleaning Effect. However, this does not mean you don’t have to wash your car, self-cleaning only eases the maintenance process but a regular wash is necessary for the longevity of the ceramic coating.

Resistance from UV and Oxidation

The constant bombardment of UV radiation from the sun can oxidize your paint job, giving it a chalky look. Moreover, there is a high chance of paint fading out or turning dull. A true 9H ceramic coating like Kovalent Coatings Prolong is equipped with UV blockers that create a barrier against harmful UV rays and does not allow them to penetrate the protected surface.

Protection Against Environmental Contaminants

One of the best attributes of professional ceramic coatings is their natural resistance to environmental pollutants. When a professional detailer coats your car surface it becomes ultra-slick and does not allow sticky debris like bird droppings, tree sap, acidic rain, and bug splatter to etch the surface. However, some of the residual matter still ends up forming a thin layer on the surface, therefore it is always recommended by ceramic coating manufacturers and professional detailers to wash your car regularly.

Exceptional Protection for Your Car Interiors

You will never have to feel guilty about spilling coffee on your car seat or staining it with mayo or ketchup. Ceramic coatings for vehicle interiors are intricately formulated with anti-stain and anti-bacterial properties that do not allow any foreign material to host on the interior surfaces of the vehicle. Kovalent Coatings Restore is formulated explicitly for the leather, vinyl, and plastic (external trims) of vehicles that inhibit any spills or stains with its hydrophobic effect. Restore also provides UV protection and helps to reduce the aging or fading of interior materials like dashboards, seats, and interior door appointments. The anti-bacterial technology of professional ceramic coatings facilitates the reduction of the spread of harmful bacteria and allergens.

In-depth Gloss

Installing a professional ceramic coating on your vehicle ensures a promising gloss and hyper-slickness on the surface. During the curing process, a ceramic coating actually magnifies the surface underneath it which appears to give a glossy finish after application. This is why comprehensive detailing including polishing/buffing takes place before the application to avoid the highlighting of any swirls or scratches. A professional ceramic coating is always a good idea to maintain the showroom gloss of your vehicle.

Saves time on Maintenance 

Professional ceramic coatings are an easy way out from the regular hassle of maintaining your vehicle. It saves time as washing a ceramic coated becomes easy and quick thanks to the water-repellant nature of the coatings. Moreover, they eliminate any kind of investment in car wax, aggressive cleaners, or paint sealants. 

We hope this gives you a fair idea about why car enthusiasts rave about ceramic coatings. They are the real deal if you are looking to protect your investment in the long run. They are much more durable and worth the price tag considering the regular hassle of maintenance that one goes through due to wax and other paint protection options. Kovalent Coatings is a one-stop shop for all your ceramic needs. Their ceramic coatings are customized based on the required surface and ensure comprehensive protection of vehicles inside and out. If you are looking for a Kovalent Coatings Approved Applicator near you reach out to us by clicking here

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