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Complete and Ultimate Guide to Ceramic Coating


If you are someone who takes pride in their ride, you would want a look for matching its performance. For most drivers, that means frequent and careful waxes for achieving a deep and head-turning wet look. However, if you haven’t taken a look at ceramic coating for cars then you’re definitely missing out on what has proven to be the best way of taking care of your beloved car.

With a ceramic coating, you will get a perfect combination of the wide benefits of a protective film along with the showroom quality shine that you have always wanted! If you aren’t aware of how beneficial ceramic coating is, then this blog will change your approach to car care. As we know car paint can get damaged from any source. In this complete guide, you will get insights into the ceramic coating and you can protect your car with it.

What Is a Ceramic Coating?

It is a liquid silicon dioxide formula that provides top-level protection to a car’s clear coat and paint from a variety of abrasions, dirt, liquid damage, and stains. A nano-ceramic coating is useful in filling the scratches and other flaws on the surface of the vehicle. The coating forms a chemical bond with the clear coat and creates a hard shell that resists wearing, repels water, and creates a mirror-like shine. There are many professional and DIY ceramic coating liquids and sprays. Most reputed manufacturers fine-tune formulas to achieve specific performance features along with additives that offer enhanced benefits. As an example, the addition of the common ingredient, titanium dioxide in modern products improves wear resistance. To get the best results, you should only get it applied by a professional detailer. The professional ceramic coating composition provides the optimal hardness and highest-grade SiO2 content for extended durability.

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?

As there are several additives in modern ceramic coatings, it’s quite easy to enjoy the great benefits that you have always desired for your car. When compared with traditional wax, a ceramic coating provides numerous advantages.

Top-Notch Protection

With wax you get some level of protection, however, it lacks the deflective properties and hardness of a ceramic coating. When it comes to protecting paintwork, ceramic coating is highly resistant to everyday threats like:

  • Swirl marks from washing
  • Scratches
  • Chemicals from bug splatter, bird droppings, and road sludge
  • UV damage like fading and rust 

As ceramic coating bonds with your coat of the car, it forms an effective and sturdy shield against different types of environmental factors. This means you’ll have the needed peace of mind that the car’s coat will be maintained on the average drive.

Hydrophobic in Nature

The bond of ceramic coating with the underlying coat and its smooth layering enables the coating to provide high grade hydrophobic protection. Water will easily roll off at a rapid pace and prevent any water spots or streaking. Also, as the ceramic coating shows water resistance, it provides protection against the various common elements like mud or grease that can adhere to a car’s surface area. Ceramic coating tends to pick up grime at some point, however, the non-stick surface will ensure you don’t have to worry about washing your car that frequently. If you need to wash then the coating makes the waterfall to the ground and drying and cleaning up is quite easy.

Long-Lasting Protection

Wax needs to be applied once every 1-2 months if you are regularly using your vehicle and storing it when not driving it. When you have a professional ceramic coating on your car, you are easily covered for a good number of years. In most cases, a high quality ceramic coating can give your car up to five years of protection. If you contact a reliable service provider, you can even enjoy a lifetime warranty for their high grade coatings.

Glossy Look and Shine

Getting a glossy shine is always the ultimate goal when you apply a high quality ceramic coating on your car. Along with it, the coating also provides high grade protection against various environmental factors. The traditional wax cannot match the level of protection and shine that a ceramic coating provides.

Is Investing in Ceramic Coating Worth it?

All the above information that you read is enough to know why a ceramic coating is the best investment for your car. The initial cost of getting the coating is on the higher side but the plethora of benefits you enjoy with it has made it the preferred choice among car owners all over the world. There are a number of ceramic coating manufacturers that you can find these days. To get the best results you should only get the ceramic coating from a reputed and reliable service provider.

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