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Best Reasons That Make Ceramic Coating Perfect for Protecting Your Car


There isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to keep their loved cars shiny and the paint protected. In order to achieve this, you wash your car on a regular basis and apply a fresh new coat of wax every few months. However, even though you put in your best efforts still you would end up seeing chips, swirl marks, and scratches starting to populate on the exterior of your car. Also, dirt, grime, and water spots start clinging to the car soon after a wash. This is where ceramic coating comes into the discussion. However, before you buy it you need to know a few important facts about the ceramic coating. 

A professional-grade ceramic coating is a type of chemical polymer applied to the exterior of a car for protecting it from all the different types of external paint damage. Typically the coating is applied by hand and blends with the paint of the car. This property enables it to create an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. The bond formed by the ceramic coating with the vehicle is either permanent or semi-permanent. Due to this, it doesn’t break down or get washed away and you don’t have to worry about applying it again after every few months. In the real world scenario, we aren’t wrong to say that ceramic coating has become the perfect alternative to waxing. The main objective of the coating is to prevent dirt, grime, and various types of stain marks from appearing on the paintwork and ruining the clear coat.

Top Benefits of Applying a Ceramic Coating 

There are several ways in which a ceramic coating will prove beneficial for your car. In this blog, we are going to highlight a few of them. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Prevent Fine Swirls and Scratches

The hard and sturdy ceramic coating on top of the paint job provides the highest level of protection. You will be able to protect the clear coat beneath it that is much softer and easily susceptible to fine swirls and scratches from day to day washing and drying. Whereas, a ceramic coating is significantly harder and isn’t easily indestructible by any means. This keeps your car’s paint looking fresh for several years.

Hydrophobic Properties Keeps the Car Clean

The ceramic coating makes the water bead and glides off the car’s paint job. This property of the coating keeps it clean for a longer duration. Dirt and all the different types of typical road grime are significantly less prone to sticking to the paintwork. Any kind of dirt and grime that manages to stick to it can be easily removed. The touchless car wash method is quite helpful when it is combined with a ceramic coating.

Glossier than Waxes and Sealants

Ceramic coatings are highly glossy and make your car appear brand new. However, waxes and sealants also provide a glossy look and shine to your car but they will only last for a few days. Whereas, with a high quality ceramic coating you will be able to maintain the top-notch condition of your car for years to come.

High Grade Protection from Various Elements

The durability and hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating provide a high level of protection from the various common damage causing elements to automotive clear coatings. Bug guts and tree sap can greatly damage the unprotected finishes. However, you can prevent these from causing any damage if these spots are addressed early. Therefore, you should always avoid a possibility where the damage has already occurred. Along with creating a barrier to avoid the contaminants from penetrating, the hydrophobic effect of the ceramic coating makes the process of removing it easy. It also provides protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. These UV rays have a negative impact on the car’s paint job and having the ceramic coating will slow down the process of clear coat peeling.

Cost Effective and Long-Term Investment

Ceramic coating has proven to be a cost effective alternative in the long run. Yes, the initial cost of getting the coating applied is on the higher side but you don’t have to worry about your car’s paint job for several years. This is not the case with traditional methods like waxing.

In the End

All the reasons that you read above are enough to persuade a car owner to get a ceramic coating applied to their beloved vehicle. As there are a number of service providers from where you get a ceramic coating on your car, it becomes essential to choose the one that is highly reliable and reputed. A high quality coating will enable you to enjoy the great benefits of ceramic coating and keep your car in top-notch condition and always shining.

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