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Choose Kovalent for Top-Class Marine Vessel Protection

Discover the ultimate protection for your boat with Kovalent Coatings. Proudly Australian-made and rigorously tested in Australia’s harshest conditions, our Marine ceramic coatings are formulated with the finest silica nanoparticles.

Globally acclaimed by professional detailers, Kovalent Coatings render traditional waxes, sealants, and other ceramic coatings obsolete. Our VOC-free formula ensures no harm to marine life and offers easy application. Engineered to withstand saltwater, UV rays, and severe weather, our marine vessel coating makes maintenance a breeze. They keep your boat looking pristine and performing at its best.

Trust Kovalent Coatings for unmatched durability and long-lasting protection. Our advanced ceramic technology will keep your boat in top shape and looking new.

Kovalent’s Superior Ceramic Coating For All Marine Vehicles

Choosing Kovalent Coatings for your boat means opting for the highest level of marine protection and performance. Our Marine Ceramic Coating is designed to form a protective layer on your boat’s gelcoat surface. They ensure long-lasting defence against the harshest environmental challenges.

Whether it’s relentless UV rays, corrosive saltwater, stubborn bird droppings, biofouling, or engine runoff, our coating stands as an impenetrable barrier, preserving your boat’s integrity and appearance.

The hydrophobic effect of our ceramic coating ensures that water beads off effortlessly, making maintenance remarkably easy. Our marine grade ceramic coating Revive allows the boat to stay cleaner for a longer duration and with minimal effort. The benefits of Kovalent Coatings don’t stop there:

Kovalent Coatings offers an unmatched combination of protection, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. Choose Kovalent Coatings for your boat and experience the difference in superior, long-lasting protection that keeps your vessel looking new and performing at its best. With Kovalent Coatings, you invest in the ultimate safeguard for your marine adventures.

Questions? We Got You Covered

Kovalent Coatings form a sacrificial layer on your vessel’s exterior surface. This layer offers enhanced protection against sources of corrosion, such as salt water and UV rays. This layer serves a major purpose by protecting the vessel from oxidation, fading, and further deterioration, keeping your boat or yacht in prime condition.

Yes, Kovalent Coatings can be used on various marine vessels, such as boats, yachts, and even jet skis, for a perfect slip solution. Our ceramic coating is safe to use on different substrates, like fibreglass, gel coat, aluminium, and painted surfaces, clear coat, top coat and provides all-round protection.

Kovalent Coatings are designed to prevent environmental contaminants, including algae, barnacles, and other particles, from forming a strong bond with the surface, giving it a smooth, hydrophobic, and self-cleaning property. It decreases the required time and energy for maintenance, allowing your vessel to stay in immaculate condition for a relatively long period of time.

The procedures include cleaning and preparation of the surface, as well as applying our marine grade ceramic coating Revive by our Kovalent Coatings’ Approved Installers. The process takes multiple days, depending on the size and status of the vessel. This also ensures the ideal cover and finish as well without any flaws in sight.

Our marine-grade ceramic coating outperforms wax in both performance and resilience. While wax deteriorates quickly, ceramic coatings last for several years. Moreover, the key component of ceramic coatings, Silica, provides lasting protection and better resistance against UV rays, saltwater and environmental contaminants. This ensures that ceramic coating maintains a high-gloss finish without any deterioration for a longer period of time.

Yes, Kovalent Coatings, Revive, is ideally tailored for fiberglass boats. Using advanced nanotechnology, the ceramic coatings create a robust layer of protection on the boat surface that resists oxidation, UV rays, and other environmental contaminants.

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