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Matrix – Self-Healing Graphene Coating

Graphene Matrix will redefine the paint protection industry through its groundbreaking formulation and advanced nanotechnology. Our secret formula will set new standards in the industry for gloss, hydrophobic effect and durability for graphene coating. Activated at 100 degrees Celsius, it instantly self-heals minor scratches and swirl marks. Graphene Matrix is the ultimate shield against chemicals, UV and environmental pollutants.

    How Does Graphene Matrix Redefines Paint Protection?

    Australian Made

    Developed and rigorously tested in the harsh Australian climate, our Graphene Matrix coating embodies years of in-house research and development. It incorporates premium-grade ingredients and valuable feedback from automotive professionals around the globe.

    Self-Healing Effect

    Graphene Matrix boasts an impressive self-healing mechanism that activates at 100°C, instantly healing minor scratches and swirl marks. The proprietary formulation, combined with self-healing graphene, ensures that the surface remains consistently protected.


    Graphene Matrix offers a remarkable 9-year warranty, leveraging premium ingredients for unparalleled, long-lasting protection. Its proprietary formulation not only facilitates self-healing of minor scratches and swirls but also delivers ultra-hydrophobicity and a high-gloss finish.

    Effortless Application

    Unlike traditional ceramic coatings, Graphene Matrix is formulated with advanced nanotechnology and input from elite detailers worldwide. This innovation ensures the coating is exceptionally easy to apply, gliding smoothly over the surface without requiring extensive effort.

    Over 9H Hardness

    Up to 9 Years Protection

    Extreme Gloss

    Self-Healing Effect

    Ultra Hydrophobic

    Chemical Resistant


    UV Resistant

    Science Behind the Coating

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    Applying Graphene Matrix is similar to applying any other professional-grade ceramic coating. Follow these steps:
    1. Wash: Begin by thoroughly washing the surface.
    2. Machine Polish: Polish the surface to achieve a smooth surface and remove any imperfections in paint
    3. Degrease: Ensure the surface is completely degreased before application.
    4. Graphene Matrix Application: Apply Graphene Matrix following the recommended procedure.
    For a detailed guide, click here

    Apply two layers of Graphene Matrix, with a 40-minute interval between each layer.

    48 hours till dry to touch. However, it is advised that the coating will take 7 days to reach optimum hardness and self-healing to work properly.

    It protects the coated surface against minor scratches and marring. However, it may not self-heal against deeper scratches.

    The self-healing effect of Graphene Matrix is activated at 100-degree Celsius using boiling water. The coating instantly self-heals minor scratches and swirl marks.

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