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To Car is a Coat what Hair is to Goat!


Have you ever wondered why goats continue to lick their own fur coat all day and seem to never get tired?

 “Well true”, that’s just a process for them to cleanup but HEY! Hold on .. why is it so? Why all day? Because it’s not just the clean, its a matter of pride, it’s a matter of how they are seen, perceived and remembered for.

Now if that being said doesn’t already excite you where I am taking this then sit tight while I get through to you exactly what I am focusing on as if the image wasn’t self-explanatory 🙂

The other day I was waiting to pickup my car from the service centre which also was a dealership for second  hand cars. So every now and then I saw someone walking through for a swap trade or just one of those purchases where yet again the one at the door wanted something easy on the pockets while still giving all the luxury of a new car.

Now this might be funny but all the fun went out the window when I realised it had already happened to me a while ago when I got my ride out of  a similar dealership down south (don’t wait for names I a’int taking them ).

Coming back to the deal I was witnessing .. In goes an old black dusty holden and comes out a shining  Hyundai which looked as if it was just a new car being handed over .I didn’t t poke a nose there just as you wouldn’t – its none of our business to do that.  Having seen that I walk past other cars at the dealership to see what exactly is on offer maybe I drive out with new wheels soon .

So I see the odometers , the cars are literally run down to scratch and odometers ranged from 100k to 200k+ but Dear lord ! Look at the car it was as if it had never been driven. 

So apparently what had made the difference was the bright shine that was on the exterior which made everyone loose sight of the interior . But that didn’t just answer my inquisitiveness so is that the regular polish I do every month on my car ???? But that never looked as classy and exclusive or maybe I was just doing everything wrong. 

Here is what it is all about and what is that special thing which just makes your car just  10 times more attractive in its older days –Ceramic coatings.

Please do not make the same mistake I did .. its not your regular polish and nor it is your wax on wax off by Mr. Miyagi.

This is a technologically advanced concentrate that restores balance and protects your paint job from deteriorating .What it means in simpler terms is that shine is not going to go away anytime soon or long provided you maintain the coat well within its expiry.

So what we are talking about here is a simple application of a glass like coating that is just like wearing a silk shirt which does not let anything stick on. No more monthly appointments at car wash for wax and polish to get that shine on. 

So when a ceramic coating is what is all you are sometimes paying for buying a car less than 5k why not just get one on your ride today and make her feel special. So don’t be a goat and waste time in shining you coat instead get a ceramic one done today and save yourselves time effort and money without compromising how your baby looks . 

Now just so that the goat isn’t  left unattended … you little beauty <3… keep shining and keep that head high. 


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