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Automotive ceramic coating breakthrough

Known to be the one of the strongest material ever discovered, Graphene is regarded as one of the most durable compounds. Our latest and unique formulation contains the highest-grade of Silicon Dioxide on the market with Graphene reduced oxide infused into the matrix.

An extremely tough coating that is recognised for withstanding high heat, resisting UV damage, acidic bird droppings, bug sap and other harmful environmental contaminants.

Its winning formula comes with a 7-year warranty and is the most advanced nanoceramic technology for vehicle protection in the industry.

Get in Touch Application Instructions SGS Certifications

High Gloss

Super Hydrophobic

Up to 84 Months Protection

UV resistant

Flexible and Durable

Oxidation Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Surface Slickness

9H Hardness

Ease of Application

The Science Behind The Coating