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How to become an Approved Ceramic Coating Installer for Kovalent Coatings?


Congratulations on taking your first step toward success. Kovalent Coatings bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be five years down the line. As ceramic coating manufacturers, we take full responsibility for your growth by delivering unparalleled products with promising results. Every professional installer has a handful of stories to define their career trajectory. However, once you join Kovalent Coatings you will have a community to back you up and address your grievances. To foster this sense of belonging and create a safe space for professional detailers, “The Kovalent Club” was born. Every member of The Kovalent Club is an authorized installer for our ceramic coatings. They are offered a Kovalent Coatings Approved Applicator Certification along with other perks (to be discussed shortly). The club is an initiative to work with professional detailers in a close-knit relationship and bring forth an opportunity for detailing businesses to collaborate for cross-marketing and promotions. An acceptance into Kovalent Club is also a recognition of the quality work and benchmark standards that you, as professional detailers portray while using our range of exclusive ceramic coatings. All our products are formulated only to be installed by professional detailers. So, what are the perks of joining the Kovalent Club? And how do you become an Approved Applicator? Let’s find out.


Working Directly with Manufacturers:

We are the manufacturers of ceramic coatings. What makes us best in the trade is our ability to explain the cause and effect to give you a genuine idea of what you are getting from the product instead of just an eye-pleasing gimmick. Our winning formulas are a result of the extensive testing in oceans and high-quality raw material being used to formulate and manufacture ceramic coatings in-house. The best part about being a part of The Kovalent Club is dealing directly with the manufacturers since there is no room for middlemen or dealers. We ensure the availability of our product stockists worldwide and have them equipped with an arsenal of products ready to be delivered at your detailing centers. Moreover, you can always reach out to us directly through social media platforms.

Cost-Effective Prices:

Along with 100% in-house manufacturing and 100% authentic products, we also offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Joining the Kovalent Club allows you to buy directly from a manufacturer and facilitates weeding out all the middlemen to cut that extra cost on your products. We are firm believers in ethical trade practices and do not escalate our prices unreasonably to make windfall gains or undue profits. Our prices are guaranteed to provide the best value for money.

360-degree Support and Training:

After becoming an authorized applicator, we provide comprehensive support by training the new members with the application instructions for our products. All the members are briefed about the products and can reach out for any queries or feedback. We aim to keep improving our products and provide the most advanced paint protection on the market.

Cross Marketing Opportunities

Kovalent Coatings always aims to bring you into the limelight by equipping you with the best in the market. Our team strives for your betterment by making your business growth our priority. After joining The Kovalent Club your business will be provided with opportunities to appear on our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube feeds, additionally, you get to showcase your work on our social media platforms which is a network of talented professional detailers across the world. We can also look to collaborate with you for future marketing campaigns, and our team will be available at your disposal to provide any guidance if needed.

Complete Transparency

Consistency-Dexterity-Satisfaction. There are very stringent policies regarding quality assurance when it comes to Kovalent Coatings. We have established strong key performance indicators that facilitate our clients with a guarantee for the longevity of our coatings and ensure high satisfaction levels among them. In keeping with our vision of achieving real results, our ceramic coatings are rigorously tested in real-world conditions and undergo numerous iterations before they are deemed fit for application by our esteemed detailer network. This is why our quality assurance has been recognized by organizations like ISO and SGS. Joining the club ensures you are in experienced hands in terms of product durability. You can also check out our testing videos here.

Now that you have a fair idea of the perks of joining The Kovalent Club. Let us walk you through the process of becoming a member. 


The process of becoming a member is absolutely hassle-free. All you have to do is visit the official website of Kovalent Coatings and fill in the form on The Kovalent Club Page. After filling in all your requirements and clicking submit, a member of our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Our friendly executive will guide you further and get you started on your Kovalent Journey. If you are finding the perfect ceramic coatings for your customers, check out our exclusive range of ceramic coatings here.

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