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Ceramic Coating for Boats & Yachts: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you own a sailboat or a multi-dollar luxury yacht, marine enthusiasts take a lot of pride in the well-being of their vessels. However, the challenges of maintaining a boat offset the upsides of possessing it. Marine vessels are exposed to the harshest environmental contaminants and therefore require specifically designed products to protect them. Conventional products like waxes and sealants are ineffective in the long run compared to ceramic coatings that are formulated using advanced nanotechnology. Therefore, after much contemplation vessel owners are gradually switching to ceramic coatings.

The best part about ceramic coatings is their customized formulation that allows the surface to smoothly form a bond with it, leaving behind a slick and glossy finish. Due to the ambiguity regarding marine ceramic coatings in the market, vessel owners feel restricted in trying marine ceramic coatings for the first time. So, to make things a tad easy for you, let us find out how ceramic coatings work on vessels and what benefits you can reap from them.

How do Ceramic Coatings work on a vessel?

Like cars, vessels are also porous. However, the pores are large as compared to automotive paintwork. The vessel surface known as Gelcoat, is prepared by a professional detailer before application. After ceramic coating installation, the coated surface forms a thick layer of protection over the Gelcoat. Kovalent Coatings Revive is explicitly formulated with large-sized Silica Nanoparticles (20 nm – 50 nm) capable of providing unparalleled protection by forming a sacrificial layer on the vessel. So, to what extent do ceramic coatings shield the boat exteriors? Let’s find out.

Protection from Saltwater:

Marine ceramic coatings are the most advanced protection solution for saltwater and freshwater vessels. Silica nanoparticles are the key ingredient of professional marine ceramic coatings like Revive. Silica’s anti-weathering nature allows it to sustain corrosion from salt water and ensures the longevity of the ceramic-coated surface.

Protection from exposure to Ultra-violet radiation:

Vessels are prone to oxidation. Whether you store them at a slip or on the trailer, their constant exposure to Ultra-Violet rays can make them look chalky and dull. Silica-based ceramic coatings have UV blockers that do not allow the rays to penetrate the surface by perfectly filling in the microscopic imperfections on the Gelcoat. The hard layer formed on the surface also assures resistance against oxidation and maintains the original shine of the vessel.

Superior Hydrophobic Effect:

One of the reasons why ceramic coatings are popular among boat enthusiasts is their efficiency in repelling water. Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic and form a water-repellant layer on the vessel’s surface. The hydrophobicity allows water to smoothly slide off the surface, inducing a beading effect. All water-based dirt and grime tend to bead on the surface and eventually slide off to give rise to the renowned Self-Cleaning Effect. This is crucial for vessel maintenance and decreases the time dedicated to washing. Additionally, dirt, barnacles, and animal waste are less likely to stick to the vessel surface and are easy to remove using a high-pressure hose during the wash.

Protection from Biofouling:

We can describe biofouling as an undesirable accumulation of algae, barnacles, and microorganisms on the lower end of the vessels. These invasive aquatic species can negatively affect a ship’s operations thus, ceramic coatings are applied all over the vessel as a sacrificial layer that fortifies the Gelcoat to sustain its original look. Kovalent Coatings Revive has an anti-fouling property that acts as an elixir for watercraft.

Protection From Environmental Contaminants:

Apart from exposure to biofouling, salt water, and UV rays, vessels are also constantly exposed to environmental toxins. Acidic rain, bird droppings, fish waste, and other debris created through marine environments are some unavoidable natural toxins that require prevention before they begin hosting on the vessel Gelcoat and interiors. Thankfully, when your vessel gets entirely protected with professional-grade ceramic coatings like Revive, there is no chance that these toxins will etch through the surface.

We hope this gives you a fair idea of why ceramic coatings for boats are worth it. Boats, jet skis, and watercraft are equally essential investments, and taking the initiative to protect them makes sense. Choosing Kovalent Coatings Revive will allow you to hold up environmental contaminants on your vessel surface whilst making cleaning easier. Conventional paint protection methods lack performance thus, switching to ceramic coatings is the best deal in the current market. From Vinyl to Gelcoat Kovalent Coatings are equipped with ceramic coatings of each type, specifically designed for all kind of surfaces. If you are still not sure about the right product for your vessel, click here to get connected to your nearest Kovalent Coatings-Approved Applicator.