FAQs (Automotive)


  • Prolong has an in-built self-curing mechanism. After the surface is coated, it may take up to 7 days to completely cure. The treated surface should not be washed during this duration.

  • Prolong makes the surface more resistant to swirl marks than other coatings. No ceramic coating can fully prevent swirls. However, if you follow the terms and conditions and maintain the coatings as recommended by Kovalent Coatings, you can reduce the chances of swirl marks on the surface. You could always reach out to our approved installer for washing tips!

  • No, the warranty is not transferable. It applies only to the original owner of the vehicle.

  • Our coatings have been extensively tested and hence we don’t expect failures. But, in case of a failure or concern you must notify our approved applicator within three days of occurrence.

  • We don’t have a DIY range yet. All our products are designed for professional detailers.

  • The hydrophobic properties of the coating diminish over time due to contamination. To boost hydrophobic effect, we recommend application of Enhance every 12 months.


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