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Ceramic Coating Products: Everything You Need to Know


Are you contemplating to find the best paint protection for your ride? Or on the fence to decide which ceramic coating suits your vehicle? Well, whether you own a classic Tesla or an SUV, car owners are obsessed to find the best paint protection for their investments that will maintain the original showroom look of their vehicle. Fortunately, the innovation of ceramic coatings allows every car enthusiast to shield their cars against UV rays, chemicals, bird droppings, road salt and other environmental contaminants.  

A ceramic coating is a result of Silica nanoparticles and application solvents infused together to be applied on a vehicle. Technically, the ceramic coating bonds with a vehicle’s porous surface by impregnating the microscopic imperfections on it. The main intent of ceramic coating products is to provide a long-lasting sacrificial layer on the vehicle substrate. In the past decade, many proactive car owners have opted for ceramic coatings to accomplish the lofty task of keeping the vehicle paint clean, opulent, and slick. 

The best results of ceramic coating application are complemented by a professional detailer. Every professional-grade ceramic coating requires a professionally authorized detailer to apply the ceramic coating on the vehicle. A professional applicator can make the detailing process a breeze and you’ll be assured to get a glossy ride with comprehensive protection. Kovalent Coatings offer one of the industry’s most-anticipated range of ceramic coatings. We are the global leader in formulating and manufacturing the most advanced ceramic coatings on the market. Here are some of the best-selling ceramic coating products by Kovalent Coatings: 


As a result of disruptive innovation and advanced nanotechnology, Prolong is reinforced by the purest form of Silica Nanoparticles and German Silicon Carbide which outperforms all other coatings in gloss, UV resistance, hydrophobic effect, surface slickness, oxidation resistance, and scratch resistance. To extract optimum performance, the secret to Prolong is the revolutionary 5nm – 20nm Silica Nanoparticles that form a thick layer of coating that cannot be easily broken down like other standard ceramic coatings. Prolong has undergone rigorous testing in the Pacific Ocean to prove its durability and weather resistance. Applying Prolong on the vehicle surface will ensure long-lasting protection for your ride. Application of Prolong should be only performed by Kovalent Coatings authorized detailer. 


Graphene is the most advanced paint protection technology on the market. Known to be one of the strongest materials ever discovered, Graphene is the most durable compound. The formulation of Graphene is a unique blend of high-grade Silica nanoparticles richly infused with graphene-reduced oxide. This new glossy shield acts as a sacrificial layer with 9H+ Hardness and prevents minor scratches to your clearcoat. All of this allows peace of mind and a wholesome enjoyment of your vehicle, even in harsh environments. Application of Graphene should be only performed by Kovalent Coatings authorized detailer. 


Revive is claimed to be an elixir for watercraft. It is a sustainable ceramic coating that fosters disruptive innovation and has revolutionized the ceramic industry with its VOC-free formula. With a decade worth of research, Revive is scientifically backed and built to last. Revive has undergone rigorous testing to keep a check on consistency and quality. Its winning formula has not only sustained controlled lab tests but has also outperformed deep in the oceans. This is why our quality assurance has been recognized by organizations like ISO and SGS. 

The secret formula contains high-grade fine Silica nanoparticles that form a glossy and hardened crystallized layer specifically designed for protection against saltwater, bird droppings, swirl marks, UV rays, and biofouling. Revive boasts of a superior hydrophobic effect that slides off dirt, grime, and saltwater easing the regular maintenance of the boat. Additionally, it is a high-density ceramic coating with a VOC-free formulation that ensures no harm to marine life. 

One of the reasons why Kovalent Coatings are ahead of its curve is because they use size-specific Silica nanoparticles depending on the porous nature of the surface. The size of Silica nanoparticles ingrained in the automotive ceramic coating is different from marine ceramic coating depending on their unique formulation. Every surface has its own dynamics and only professional ceramic coatings engineered for a particular surface can ensure its protection. Therefore, Kovalent Coatings’ potent range of ceramic coatings also includes a ceramic coating for the interiors of vehicle. 


Kovalent Coatings Restore is an incredible cleaning solution for vehicle interiors of all shapes and sizes. The dense molecular structure equips the coated surface with UV inhibitors and an advanced hydrophobic effect to repel spills and stains. Restore also upholds the natural look of Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic (including external trim) leaving behind a matte finish. The anti-bacterial and anti-stain technology of the ceramic coating makes it stand out among others. 

We hope the above information helps you make an informed decision for your vehicle. Ceramic coatings are definitely worth the hype with their spectrum of benefits and all-round protection. Every ceramic coating product at Kovalent Coatings has undergone extensive testing and research before being launched in the market. If you are looking for the right product for your vehicle or a Kovalent Coating Approved Applicator near you reach out to us here.  

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