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Benefits of Having Ceramic Coating on Cars and Boats


Have you ever wondered why people stop noticing your new car a few months down the line? Why does your brand new boat start ageing a few months later? You start questioning your decision of investing in such an expensive boat or car.

First of all, cars and vessels are machines, not wine. They’ll age as they do but you can slow the ageing process and retain the shine and stardom of your machine for longer. Ceramic Coating is the new age solution to these universal problems. The finest gift of nano-technology to humans. 

Now you must be wondering, ‘why should I spend three times more on the ceramic coating when I am getting a satisfactory result with wax’s. Now the answer lies in your question itself. Ceramic Coating gives more than just satisfactory results for way longer than wax. That is why more people are switching to Ceramic Coating these days. Let’s get into the nano-details and discover why giving your car or vessel a ceramic treatment is important. 

A Sacrificial Layer of Protection for Your Car or Vessel

It’s the formulation of Ceramic Coating that makes it the most effective protective barrier for the surface of your cars and boats. Ceramic coating (also known as nano-coating) uses the ‘science of small’ aka Nanotechnology, which means it’s made of tiny (nano) particles of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) or Silica. 

The painted surface is porous in nature and the gelcoat in case of boats is even more, therefore making room for water, dirt, UV rays and air to make a home. This gradually deteriorates the outer surface over the years. Now here comes the role of Ceramic Coating. Once the coating is applied to the gelcoat/painted surface, nano-particles fill these pores and form a sacrificial layer over the gelcoat/painted surface leaving no space for contaminants to damage the surface. 

So what happens after that? Your car or vessel becomes:

  1. Hydrophobic to liquids
  2. Resistant to swirl marks and marrings
  3. Resistant to oxidation due to UV rays
  4. Resistant to chemicals and other natural contaminants


The Perfect Glaze Enhancement Formula 

It’s impossible to retain the showroom shine of a car or vessel for long. It’s the biggest misconception that Ceramic Coating creates a glossy layer over the painted surface. It enhances the original state of the surface and keeps it as is for years due to its strong bond with the surface. That is why the surface must be corrected by a professional detailer before the ceramic coating is applied. However, once the ceramic coating is done, you free yourself from monthly visits to the detailer. 

Ceramic Coatings Last Longer than Regular Protective Coatings

Unlike wax or paint sealants Ceramic Coatings last for years and retain the original state of the factory surface. Probably this is why ceramic coating has become so popular amongst car and vessel owners. 

It cuts the hassle of regular visits to the detailers saving not only your time and energy but also money. Even though Ceramic Coating is the new technology in the marine market, yet it has become the primary choice of millions of vessel owners. Since the problem is tackled at a nano-level, leaving no pore vacant, Ceramic Coating goes a long way. 

Washing Becomes Easier 

If you procrastinate washing your car a lot but like it slick shiny always then Ceramic Coating is for you. Its water-repelling, UV safe and other big deal properties make car washing a matter of a few minutes because dirt and grime feel so helpless against ceramic coating. Bird droppings, tree sap and other environmental contaminants can be wiped off easily with a microfibre cloth. It takes only a few minutes and Two Bucket method to get that showroom gloss for your car or vessel with Ceramic Coating. 



Keep Your Machine Beautiful Inside and Out

Do you know what fascinates us the most about ceramic coatings? Their versatility. These are not only meant to enhance the paint surfaces but also glass, fabric, plastic, aluminium and chrome surfaces. The formulation is different for different surfaces, though. Liquid slides off the surface, stains don’t stay, UV rays don’t kill the shine and dirt, what’s that? 

Trust us, nano-coatings have saved so many friendships and relationships that would end for the tiniest reasons such as coffee spilling all over the dashboard or staining of seats. 

Total Value for Money 

It might sound expensive when you hear the cost for the first time but basic maths is all it takes to understand the paybacks of investing in Ceramic Coating. Calculate the amount of money that you spend on regular detailing and waxing for 3 years and compare it with the cost of ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is definitely a smart move that you’ll make. Let’s understand how – No matter how pricey your luxury boat is, it starts corroding a few months down the line because marine conditions are brutal for any material to sustain. Hence, the maintenance cost rises. Cars are no different. We spend so much on maintenance and doing facelifting for the cars that we end up burning a (black)hole in our pocket. 

Now we are going to leave you with one tip, whenever you decide to get a ceramic coating done, refrain from DIY products. Ceramic coatings require precision that only a professional ceramic applicator has. The effectiveness of the DIY application is not satisfactory. We hope now you’ve gotten a fair idea about the gen Ceramic Coating and there are no suspicions left. Feel free to reach out to us on Social Media in case you have any questions or queries. We’d love to answer.  


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